Research and Innovation Initiative (RII)

The Research and Innovation Initiative (RII) is one of the three main pillars of  IDM working to advance the Institute’s performance and quality of services through research in different areas such as civil society, gender issues, security issues, EU integration processes, community building and development of local governance, economic performance, etc.

The department (established in October 2009) has developed out of the research component of the activities carried out by the other divisions of IDM, as an attempt to better integrate and refine the research carried out, but also as a means for expanding the focus of the organization in other areas in order to better respond to the forthcoming challenges.

To fulfil its aim, RII is in a permanent involvement and consultation with the staff of both CESA and LGID, and the associates of IDM, while it also carries out its independent projects and delivers research services, expertise and policy options to interested groups and public at large. In this latter dimension, RII takes the attributes of a think tank, whose advocacy and policy options are based on scrupulous basic scientific and applied research.

RII Team

The staff of Research and Innovation Initiative division consists of a small and flexible team of experts who collaborate with the pool of experts from the CESA and LGDI divisions, as well as associate researchers. RII staff has established strategic links to various think-tanks, research institutions and networks in the region and in other parts of the world that have been partners with IDM.


 Elona Dhëmbo, PHD – Head of Unit / RRPP Senior Advisor


Erisa Lame (MA) – Project Manager / RRPP Local Coordinator


 Shefqet Shyti - Project Coordinator


Orjana Mullisi – Research Assistant



  • Sidita Dibra, (PhD)
  • Nevila Sokoli, (PhD)
  • Blerjana Bino, (PhD)